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Eagles expected to pursue Kelly…and keep Vick?

ChipKellyIt’s pretty well known that the Philadelphia Eagles are not going to keep head coach Andy Reid. After this week’s game against the New York Giants, it’s very likely that he will be fired.

So, who will the Eagles replace him with?

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Eagles are expected to go after Oregon’s Chip Kelly. They won’t be the only team, but sources tell La Canfora that they will probably be one of the first teams to set up a meeting with him. Let’s be clear here that there will be numerous other teams that want to get a piece of him too, and because of his offensive scheme, he’ll need to pick the right fit for him.

So, what is the right fit? Well, you’d need the right quarterback. Kelly’s offense is predicated on an athletic, dual-threat QB who can burn you with his legs and his arm.

So, if he came to Philadelphia, would Nick Foles be that guy? Absolutely not. Foles has shown some promise as a pocket passer and a leader, but his 40-yard dash could be timed with a calendar.

But, who could fill that role? No. Don’t say it. Ugh! Yes, Michael Vick could possibly do it. Would the Eagles keep Vick and pay him the $15.5 million that they owe him for 2013 if they were to bring on Kelly?

Let’s hope not for a variety of reasons.

First of all, Vick can’t stay healthy. He’s played 16 games in a season just once since 2001 (don’t forget he missed two seasons because he was in jail, but that’s another issue). If your offense is predicated on having a guy like Vick, then that offense would also be predicated on having a guy like Vick healthy and on the field. At his age, that’s not remotely a lock, nor is it a likelihood. Would Trent Edwards or Nick Foles be able to come in and run the same offense? Of course not.

Second of all, Vick has not shown you what he did for a large portion of the 2010 season, when he was on fire. Defenses have figured him out, he turns the ball over too much and he makes awful decisions.

This is not someone you want to hitch your wagon to anymore, and the Eagles should have learned that by now.

So, considering Vick seems to be the only viable candidate for the Eagles to run Kelly’s offense as it stands now (you can’t say that he couldn’t tailor it to the NFL and/or his available personnel because we don’t know that yet), this all seems like a bad idea. It’s a bad idea to bring in a coach with no NFL experience and a gadget college offense that hasn’t been tested at the pro level, and it’s a bad idea to keep Michael Vick.

Please, Eagles…don’t bring in Chip Kelly.

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