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Big changes coming for the Jets?

TonySparanoI guess this is quite obvious, but the reports are really starting to surface in New York. With the Jets in a tailspin that resembles a three-ring circus (if such a thing exists), it looks like the team is facing a major overhaul at the end of the season.

Let’s start at the top, where is told by sources that the Jets are exploring potential general managers, while still trying to keep current GM Mike Tannenbaum in cap management role. This would make sense as Tannenbaum is largely responsible for putting this entire mess together.

Speaking of messes, let’s look at the offense. Sources tell that offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is likely one and done in New York, mainly because he’s bad at his job. He’s overseen the regression of Mark Sanchez and has pretty much been running an identity-less and ineffective offense all season. We can’t be exactly sure what his instructions were regarding the use of Tim Tebow, but he probably failed with that too.

Photo Caption: Sparano’s style of taunting and childish teasing as a primary means of motivation rubbed many players the wrong way.

And speaking of Tebow, he most likely wants out of there as well. And we found out last week that he told the coaches that he wouldn’t run the Wildcat against the Chargers, because he was tweaked that he was passed over to start the game as the regular quarterback. It always seemed like Tebow was a team guy. Just how bad to things have to get for him to become a malcontent?

I think we just found out. The Jets need to be blown up asap.

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