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Quick Questions with Bonnie-Jill Laflin

BonnieJillLaflinWe recently had a chance to chat with former Los Angeles Lakers scout (and current consultant for the team) Bonnie-Jill Laflin. You can read her full interview here. But, right now, it’s time for Quick Questions:

Micah: If you could have any one car in history, regardless of price or availability, what would it be?

Bonnie-Jill: Oh gosh…any kind of car? I like the old, old Rolls Royces. What year am I thinking? One of the old school ones like back in the 1930’s or ’40’s. With the white walls and everything. They were gorgeous.

Micah: What is a guilty pleasure that you have?

Bonnie-Jill: A guilty pleasure….why are these questions so hard?

Micah: I know, it’s not a normal interview.

Bonnie-Jill: My weakness is candy. I don’t think people know how much candy I eat. I guess that would be a guilty pleasure.

Micah: What’s one food that you really don’t like, but that you wish you did? For example, for me it’s onions. Can’t stand them, but they are in everything.

Bonnie-Jill: Oh my gosh! You took it right out. Onions! I can’t stand them. I know the flavor is good, but I can’t stand them. I always have to ask, “are there onions in this?” Because I know the flavor and if I find out there is onions in this, I’ll freak out. I can’t stand onions.

Micah: And everyone says, “oh just eat it.” And I’m like…no!

Bonnie-Jill: Yes! They say you can’t taste it, I’m like “I can!” And they’re on everything. Onions is the one thing I have a big problem with.

Micah: What kind of entertainment – TV, music, movie – ….something that everyone seems to love and you just don’t get it.

Bonnie-Jill: Oh my gosh. Give me some examples. Justin Beiber? Am I too old to think, ‘why are people in to him?’ [laughs]. Hmmm…I’m not sure. Give me something easy.

Micah: Okay, what’s your favorite sport other than basketball?

Bonnie-Jill: Baseball. I’m a fanatical baseball fan for the San Francisco Giants. I should say “World Champion San Francisco Giants.” I’m good friends with them and I research all the players on the team. I live and breathe baseball. People think I’m crazy and that I’m the only girl that will sit and watch every pitch. If it’s not the Giants, I’ll watch any game. Love baseball. Minor League baseball, everything.

Micah: Who would win in a street fight – a no-holds barred street fight – between Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson?

Bonnie-Jill: Bruce Lee. When it comes to martial arts, there is no way you could beat him. And I’m a big boxing fan. Does anyone say Mike Tyson?

Micah: I usually get some people that will say Tyson. It’s usually Bruce Lee, but the people that pick Mike Tyson get really pissed off.

Bonnie-Jill: Well, if Tyson gets one good jab in, then yeah, Bruce Lee is out. But, yeah, with that martial arts and how quick Bruce Lee is…no way.

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