Off the Record (OTR)

Quick Questions with Jenny Gleason

JennyGleason1And now it’s time for Quick Questions with Jenny Gleason! These are just five random questions that really have nothing to do with much of anything.

Micah: If you could have one car in history, regardless of price or availability, what would it be?

Jenny: Oh geez…you’re talking to a person who has a family who is a bunch of gearheads. Do you understand this? [Laughs]. C’mon this is so hard, this isn’t a fair question! But, I’ll take a Bentley sedan.

SIDE NOTE: Jenny did say that she’d like her first car ever back. Her 1992 Toyota Carolla, the best car she ever had.

Micah: You can play a round of golf with anyone in history, who would that be?

Jenny: Jesus.

Micah: You went to college in North Carolina, so you have to be an expert on this. Vinegar-based BBQ or tomato-sugar-based BBQ?

Jenny: The sugar-based. The vinegar makes my tummy hurt. It’s a little too much for me.

Micah: Favorite sport other than golf?

Jenny: College football.

Micah: Yeah you’re in SEC country down there.

Jenny: Excuse you, ACC. Florida State right here! Cut me open I bleed garnet and gold.

Micah: You can pick one movie, TV show, song, something that is just wildly popular that everyone seems to love….that you just don’t get.

Jenny: Hmmm…”Big Brother.” Haven’t gotten into it. Everyone is obsessed with it and I don’t watch reality TV. Everyone says “Big Brother” is great, but I haven’t seen an episode.

You can check out Jenny’s full OTR interview right here.

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