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Pierce says Tuck isn’t the same player anymore

JustinTuckAntonio Pierce was teammates with Justin Tuck on the New York Giants for several years. Pierce is no longer playing football, but Tuck is. And now, it’s time for Pierce to publicly criticize him.

According to Pierce, Tuck isn’t the same player he was a few years ago.

“I played with Justin Tuck and have a tremendous respect for him,” Pierce said on The Michael Kay Show. “But he has not been the same player emotionally, mentally or his play in the last three years. It’s just the facts. He came on late last season and once Antrel Rolle and a couple of other guys said he had to pick it up, but for the most part, he’s a situation, third-down, passing situation defensive end.”

Pierce said he doesn’t know exactly what happened to him, but that he’s definitely changed.

“When you watch him on Sundays, you do not see the energy, you do not see the fire he used to play with,” Pierce said. “And I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s personal stuff going on or maybe he’s physically tired.”

For what it’s worth, Tuck has been hurt. How badly is his shoulder bothering him? Pierce doesn’t seem to care.

“For me, the guy I played with, when he was there, a lot of energy, a lot of passion, brought it each and every play, each and every snap, loved to play the game,” Pierce said. “I heard him mention it last year before the run [that] he didn’t know where his mind was at, or if he was into the game. His comments this week, the same thing. As much as I want to give the answer, that’s really a question he has to answer.”

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