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Eagles admit another draft mistake, bench Nate Allen

NateAllenThe Philadelphia Eagles’ drafting the last couple of years has been horrific to quite horrific. Most teams don’t cut second-round picks in their second year, but that’s what they had to do with Jaiquawn Jarrett earlier this year. And now, it looks like they could be admitting another draft mistake with 2010 second rounder Nate Allen.

Andy Reid said today that Allen will be benched for Sunday’s game vs. the Washington Redskins. He says, according to Jeff McLane, that it’s because Kurt Coleman is better against the run.

“Reid: Kurt over Nate because he’s more stout against the run. Better to defense the Redskins,” McLane tweets.

Say what you want, Allen is getting benched because he’s just not good enough. Coleman is really not a good NFL player. Not knocking the guy, he has a ton of heart and plays his behind off. However, he’s just not all that talented.

Nate Allen, plain and simple, is a safety who needs safety help over the top. He doesn’t stop the run and he doesn’t make plays in coverage. Another whiff on a high draft pick for the Eagles.

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