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Tebow wants out of New York

TimeTebowThe New York Jets decided today to bench Mark Sanchez. They did not name the No. 2 quarterback the starter for this weekend’s game against the San Diego Chargers, they instead went to No. 3. They are starting Greg McElroy instead of Tim Tebow.

And apparently, Tebow is not happy about it.

According to sources, the New York Daily News reports that Tebow wants to be traded or released after the season.

The Daily News has learned that Tebow, who captivated the NFL last season with his miracle playoff run in Denver, will request to be traded or released after the season assuming that McElroy starts the final two games of the season. Tebow’s desire to part ways with a franchise that never gave him a chance came to a head after McElroy, who has seven career passes on his NFL resume, leapfrogged him, according to a source.

This ultimately proves that the Jets never viewed Tebow as more than anything other than a gadget weapon. And since he hasn’t shown a ton when they have actually used him, they aren’t inclined to roll the dice with him at this point in the season.

Not sure what they could get for him in a trade, but it wouldn’t be much.

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