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Jets to start McElroy

Greg McElroyThings have gotten pretty painful in the Big Apple. The New York Jets were downed by the Tennessee Titans on Monday night in what was an absolutely dreadful game. Twitter was jam packed with people begging to be let out of the hell of watching that game.

And as usual, Mark Sanchez was brutal. He has now turned the ball over 50 times in the last two seasons. How is this possible?

Well, if you’re a Jets fan and you’ve seen enough of Mark Sanchez, you can relax knowing that Jets have too. According to just about every single media outlet, they are benching Sanchez in favor of Greg McElroy. That’s right, it’s not even Tebow Time, as it is now very clear that they never viewed him as anything more than a gadget player.

So it will be McElroy who will face the San Diego Chargers. If you thought Monday night’s game made you want to vomit, get ready for a real show on Sunday. It could be one of the worst games in NFL history, so if I’m doing some NFL betting, I think I’m taking the under. And I don’t care what the over/under is. It could be zero and I’d still take the under.

McElroy is 5 of 7 passing this season for 29 yards. Get your DVR’s ready.

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