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Jerry Jones defends decision to have Brent on sideline

JoshBrentThere was a bit of a crap storm on Sunday, when Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent was spotted hanging out on the team’s sidelines. Why is this a big deal? Oh, because just this week he decided to drink booze and then get behind the wheel of a car. He got into an accident that killed his teammate Jerry Brown.

He’s facing charges of intoxicated manslaughter and is awaiting trial.

So, many were very disturbed that he was on the sidelines where television cameras could see him. People didn’t think that a guy who just killed a teammate because of his own negligence should be there. We’d argue that they are justified in thinking that, but owner Jerry Jones disagrees.

“Our team and our players wanted him today on the sideline,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “Jerry’s mother asked us directly as a group. She said, ‘Support him. Help him. He needs your help. Jerry wants that. I want that.’ His teammates asked him to come and be down there with them.”

Ok, now it’s a tough call. At first, we thought it was absolutely ridiculous that they would allow him to be down there with the team. But, if the victim’s own mother wanted it…doesn’t that muddy the waters a little bit?

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