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Quick Questions with Nic Roldan

Nic Roldan


It’s time for Quick Questions with polo superstar Nic Roldan!

If you could have one car in history regardless of price or availability, what would it be?

Oooh….that’s a good question. Yeah, like an old vintage Porsche roadster or something like that. I’d take an old Porsche roadster or an original Shelby Cobra.

I know you played a lot of sports, do you have a pure favorite that you love other than polo?

Golf. But, I love surfing too. Honestly, during the polo season I’m so busy I don’t really get much of a chance to. But when I get a free moment I love to get out there, just to get out there and disconnect with world and have a good time.

Guilty pleasure, whether it’s a movie or a TV show or music?


General thoughts on the recent presidential election, regardless of political affiliation. Just general overview.

I’m an independent, I sort of just want what’s best for the country. I voted for Obama last time and I voted for him this time. I just like him and I think of the severity of the state that we are in economically and how it was when he came into power. In four years, I don’t know that he could have gotten us out of it. I don’t even know who was better, I just think he seems like more of a normal guy. I just felt like Romney…I don’t know, I feel like he was just making up a lot of things and wouldn’t come through on things that he promised. And I don’t pretend to know much about politics, that’s just what I think.

Who would win in a street fight with no holds barred. No rules. Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson?

Bruce Lee. I think Bruce Lee, he’s wiser and quicker, you know?

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You can get the latest on Nic from his website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

About Nic Roldan:

Born in Buenos Aires and raised in the United States and Brunei, Nic Roldan remembers swinging a polo mallet by age four. He captured his first major win – the coveted U.S. Open Polo ChampionshipTM – in 1998 with team Escue shortly after reaching professional status at age 14, ending his inaugural season with the title, Young Player of the Year. The win and title earned him standing alongside seasoned players and catapulted him onto the polo world’s list of most celebrated athletes, playing polo on five continents.

Off the field, polo’s hottest rising star has attracted a variety of opportunities including host of the annual Charity Polo Classic in the Hamptons as well as numerous guest appearances on a host of television shows. In 2012, Nic was the recipient of the prestigious Harriman Cup, honoring individuals who have made huge contributions to the world of polo. His rugged good looks and exceptional physique have also garnered attention, landing him recognition in the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times, spreads and covers of multiple fashion magazines, and as one of Vanity Fair’s 10 Hottest Horsemen.

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