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BCS Championship game could be decent

EverettGolsonUnless you are a die-hard Notre Dame fan (and there are tons of them), you weren’t thrilled about them being in the BCS Championship game. They have a nice team, but it’s not like this is the showdown vs. Alabama that we’ve been waiting to see all year (although it is one of the only college football bowl games worth watching). The last time I checked, the line was favoring Alabama by about 10. Most people think that ‘Bama is going to run away with this one.

But, hold on a minute. Alabama is not a perfect football team. They have trouble with mobile quarterbacks, which Everett Golson is. They also can’t get into a situation where they start throwing the ball all over the place if they don’t have success against the run early. If they do, that’s trouble.

Throw in the fact that everyone is telling them how they can’t lose and they could be over confident and ripe for an upset.

So, if you’re planning on betting on college football bowl games, maybe this is one where you do it. If that line holds at or around 10, that’s a nice-sized amount of points to hand over.

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