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Angels sign Hamilton to a five-year deal

JoshHamiltonBecause one overpaid slugger just isn’t enough, that’s why. Last year, the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles or whatever signed Albert Pujols to a ridiculous contract, and now they’ve got him long term. And now, according to Ken Rosenthal of, they’ve added Josh Hamilton to that mix with a five-year deal.

“Source: #Angels, Hamilton in agreement. Five-year deal, as first reported by @jonmorosi,” Rosenthal tweets.

We don’t know the exact amount right now, but we assume it’s in the “butt ton” category. And we’re not even saying that he’s not worth a lot of money, but considering his off-the-field issues and injury history, that’s a lot of years to give him.

He’s only 31-years old, but considering what he has put his body through, he’s probably a lot older. They need to hope he can stay healthy and clean for all five years. Oh, and not slump like he did at the end of last year.

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