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Jets leaning towards McElroy to start?

The New York Jets are an unmitigated mess. Yes, they are 5-7 and in second place in the division, which isn’t the end of the world, but they are still terrible. They aren’t catching the Patriots for the division lead and they aren’t winning any Wild Card spots.

On top of all of this, they don’t really have a quarterback. They have over-paid Mark Sanchez, who is really pretty awful at this point. They have Tim Tebow, who has been awful his entire NFL career despite winning some games late last year. And then they have unproven Greg McElroy, who replaced a benched Sanchez last week to lead the team to a meaningless victory over the horrific Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

So, now, according to sources, the Jets are leaning towards starting McElroy on Sunday versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are an even worse team than the Jets. Still, it’s two poor teams, so if you choose to bet on nfl football teams online this is probably a game to skip. Two awful teams going at it can be very tough to predict.

McElroy is not the long-term answer, we know that. But, he did provide a bit of a boost when he came in against the Cardinals. With Sanchez owed some $8.25 million in guarantees (who the hell gave him that contract?) for 2013, he probably isn’t going anywhere. And Tebow is certainly not a long-term option. So, it looks like the Jets will be stuck with Sanchez unless they are willing to eat a lot of money.

So yeah, we wouldn’t want to be the Jets right now.

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