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Yankees sign Rivera for one year

The New York Yankees were put in a tough spot when their 40+ year old closer Mariano Rivera blew out an ACL last year while dicking around with fly balls in warmups. So yeah, it was easy to say that he was done for the year.

But, apparently he’s doing pretty well because the team has agreed to keep him around for another year for $10 million according to SI‘s Jon Heyman.

“#yankees and mariano rivera have agreed on a $10M guarantee for 2013. will also have awards/incentives,” tweets Heyman.

It’s a pay cut for Rivera, who was earning $15 million for a season. But, he should just take it and like it considering that he’s 42-years old and coming off a blown ACL. He should actually be thrilled since the Yankees won’t have any idea how his busted ACL affects his velocity until they see him in Spring Training.

However, if for some reason Rivera pitches like he’s continued to pitch these last few years (after everyone assumed he’d be toast), then they Yankees have a steal.

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