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Vick done for the year?

The Philadelphia Eagles are a sorry lot. They really are a dysfunctional train running out of control into a toilet of human waste and pet feces.

Inappropriate? Good.

They have been awful with QB Michael Vick and they have been terrible without him. Nick Foles has been okay at best, showing bad tendencies while looking sharp at times. The speculation has been about what will happen when Vick recovers from his concussion.

Will he be the starter? Will they sit Foles knowing that Vick gives them the best chance to win? Will Vick take a seat as the Eagles prepare for life after Andy Reid and see what they have in Foles as the possible future starting quarterback?

Those conundrums might not matter. According to Howard Eskin, Vick’s concussion isn’t getting better and we could see Foles for the rest of the season.

“Reported 2night on #fox29 #eagles QB M Vick concussion symptoms getting worse. sources tell me could b out rest of year.@ProFootballTalk,” Eskin tweets with an apparent attempt to get picked up by PFT.

So there are some questions: Is Vick’s concussion really getting worse, or is this an excuse to play Foles?

Okay…that was one question.

It would make sense if the Eagles wanted to make a big deal out of the severity of Vick’s concussion, considering that it would be lunacy to go back to him as a starting QB. The team is 3-8 with seven losses in a row. The season is done. Cooked. Over. There is absolutely no reason to go back to Vick.

The Eagles know what they have in Vick. They don’t know for sure what they have in Foles. They need to find out what they have in Foles so they can properly plan for next season. If he looks like he’s the next franchise QB, then fine, go forward with that.

But…if he’s a turd? The Birds need to look into drafting the next guy. In this draft class, that might not be easy. Even with the high pick the Eagles are expected to “earn,” they might not find a guy that they like. This is a weak QB draft class, so the Eagles may be better off calling Brad Goebel and seeing what he is up to.

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