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Quick Questions with Manteo Mitchell

OTR got a chance to chat with one of the toughest track athletes we’ve ever come across, Manteo Mitchell. Here is the first part of our interview, but now it’s time for Quick Questions:

Micah: If you could have one car in history, regardless of price or availability, what would it be?

Manteo: Man, there are so many cars that I love! But, the one that stands out right now is because I just watched the movie the other day. It was “Iron Man 2,” I think it’s an Audi and I’ve never seen it before in my life. It looks like it could be a Lamborghini type…that car is awesome, I would love to have that.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s an Audi R8 V10 Convertible. And he’s right…it’s sweeeeet.

Micah: What’s your favorite sport other than track and field?

Manteo: Probably have to say football because I used to play.

Micah: Are you a Panthers fan?

Manteo: I’m a Panthers fan because they are the home team, but my team is actually the Patriots.

Micah: Guilty pleasure, whether it’s a song a television show or a movie?

Manteo: A lot of people already know this, but I enjoy music and singing. I enjoy singing to myself. I try to keep it a secret.

Micah: I’ve been waiting to ask a track athlete this question. Not long ago, Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson wanted to race Usain Bolt. Any chance in hell he can compete with Usain Bolt?

No. [laughs] It’s not happening. These football players, I have so much respect for them. They are the highest that they can go in their sport, we’re the highest that we can go in our sport. So I have the utmost respect for NFL players and any athlete period. But, when it comes to an NFL athlete racing an Olympic track runner, this is something that they do for life. I just don’t….it’s not happening. A lot of NFL players don’t realize this, but we train on the grass. So, we’re actually faster off the track and on the grass. And don’t give us turf, that’s even faster.

Micah: I didn’t think it was possible, but I had to ask that.

Manteo: I mean it would be a good race. Johnson is probably quicker than Usain Bolt out of the start, but he’s not faster. People equate being quick with being fast. Being quick does not mean you are fast.

Micah: Could Chris Johnson beat you in a sprint?

Manteo: I don’t think he can beat me. First of all, I can run the 100 meters I just don’t. A lot people look at me as a long sprinter, but I really think I’m a short sprinter who trains for long running. I have too much pride, I wouldn’t let him beat me. And if he did, we would just keep racing to show off my endurance. He would not beat me but one time.

Micah: Maybe if you had a broken leg.

Manteo: Oh man…well I wouldn’t race him right now. Let me repeat that, I wouldn’t race him right now! Give me three months when I’m in shape.

Micah: Who would win in a street fight, a no rules street fight, between Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee?

[laughs] I’m taking Bruce Lee, man. He would literally kick his ass!

You can follow Manteo on Twitter at @ManteoMitchell and @OlympicFaith

Manteo Mithell is part of the St.Vincent Sports Performance Elite Athlete Network.

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