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Young, Sr. purposely lined up in the wrong spots? You serious?

The Detroit Lions have had high hopes for WR Titus Young, Sr. (we know it’s “Sr.” because it’s written on the back of his jersey). They drafted him in the second round in 2011 and were expecting him to be a nice weapon opposite Calvin Johnson.

Hasn’t happened. He’s showed flashes of ability, but overall he’s been immature and ineffective. Now, he’s running with the two’s after returning from his suspension after he was sent home for “repeated acts of insubordination.”

Photo Caption: “When you see Junior, tell him his dad sucks at football.”

What’s worse is that, according to the Detroit Free Press, Young purposely lined up in the wrong spots against the Green Bay Packers.

In a loss to the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago, he purposely lined up in the wrong spot on the field multiple times and mouthed off to receivers coach Shawn Jefferson on the sideline before being removed for the game’s final series.

Okay, just how does that work? Who the hell are you to be pulling that nonsense? Super studs shouldn’t be acting like that let alone someone who so far is just unfulfilled potential.

Head coach Jim Schwartz was asked if Young would play this week.

“We’ll see, as we get later in the week, who we think the best 46 to play the Colts are and if he’s one of them, he will,” Schwartz said. “If not, then he’ll go back to work and work the next week.”

One would have to wonder if Young is in the team’s future plans. Yes, they just spent a second rounder on him, but his attitude blows and he hasn’t shown enough (a la Dez Bryant) to make you want to stick with him.

“He’s always been a member of the team,” Schwartz said. “Last week, he was inactive and like I said yesterday, we needed some time apart to get some stuff straight. Came out today and worked hard, did his job, and that’s what we expect of him.”

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