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Kaepernick to start Sunday

This is not big news. While Jim Harbaugh resurrected the career of former No. 1-overall draft bust Alex Smith, it’s pretty clear that he’s not the team’s best option at quarterback. No, that would be Colin Kaepernick, who has played well enough in recent weeks with Smith hurt to stir up a quarterback controversy.

Well, as for this upcoming Week 13, there is no controversy. Kaepernick will get the nod even with Smith back and ready to play.

“Harbaugh: Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday,” tweets the San Francisco 49ers.

“Colin, we believe, has the hot hand and we’ll go with Colin,” Harbaugh said.

Fair enough, but you’re best off just sticking with him for the rest of the season. Let him know that he’s the guy and play that way without looking over his shoulder. Definitely don’t get into a start-em/sit-em fantasy-style conundrum on a week-to-week basis, that will just be headaches. And absolutely don’t pull an early 1990’s Denver Broncos and rotate Tommy Maddox and Shawn Moore on just about every drive. That does not work.

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