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Jaguars claim Babin off of waivers

As we mentioned yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles were fed up with Jason Babin’s knack for being a one-trick pony, not being able to do that one trick anymore, and being a lousy locker room guy. Yes, they cut him yesterday.

So, Babin has been out there for any NFL team to claim him, and someone did: The Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Jaguars claimed Jason Babin,” tweets ESPN‘s Adam Schefter.

Babin reportedly was talking yesterday about how this could be a good thing for him (being released that is). I’m sure he was dreaming of some contender picking him up and going from a seven-game losing streak to a chance at a Super Bowl. Well, the exact opposite has happened. The Chiefs and the Jaguars might be the only two teams worse than the Eagles, and one of them grabbed him.

The good news for Babin is that they’ll probably release him after the season once they see that he is not remotely worth the money or the headaches.

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