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Hope Solo’s husband arrested…again

We aren’t here to tell people who they should or shouldn’t date and/or who they should or shouldn’t marry. Yes, we are, but that’s besides the point. But, USA soccer goalie Hope Solo deciding to marry former Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Jerramy Stevens is a head scratcher at best.

Not only has the guy been accused of rape on more than one occasion, he’s been arrested several times and even got into a domestic dispute with Solo just days before their wedding. In short, we hope Hope knows what she’s doing.

We say this because, yes, Stevens has been arrested yet again. This time for a probation violation. According to this legal police document, it looks like it’s for possession of weed, which would violate his probation on a previous weed charge.

So, get used to this type of stuff, Hope. Get used to the whole process of having police officers at the house, filling out reports and getting bail funds wired.

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