Off the Record (OTR)

Brown has bad game wrapped up in good game

The Philadelphia Eagles are an unmitigated mess. They stunk when they were healthy, and now the entire offensive line not named Evan Mathis is hurt, their starting tailback is hurt and their starting QB is out too.


Did I mention that they were 3-7 headed into this Monday night game against the Carolina Panthers and riding a hot streak of a six-game losing skid?

It was certainly no surprise when the Eagles lost to the Panthers 30-22. Yes, the Panthers blow, but the Eagles are legitimately one of the worst teams in the league.

However, there was one bright spot for the Eagles…sorta. Rookie 7th-round pick Bryce Brown busted out for a huge game, rushing 19 times for 178 yards and two touchdowns. It was an Eagles rookie rushing record. I should say that it “is” an Eagles rookie rushing record.

His performance would have been absolutely stellar had he not fumbled the ball twice. Yeah, you can’t do that.

So, while Brown showed flashes of being a great back, he also showed that if he doesn’t hold on to the ball, no one cares how great of a runner he is. He simply won’t play and I don’t care who the coach is.

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