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Vick and McCoy ruled out for Monday night

This is hardly a surprise. Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick and RB LeSean McCoy have suffered concussions recently. Vick got his brain knocked around two weeks ago against the Dallas Cowboys and McCoy suffered his brain injury in garbage time against the Washington Redskins when he had no business being in the game whatsoever.

So, it shouldn’t come to any surprise that the Eagles have ruled both of them out for Monday night’s game against the Carolina Panthers.

In place of Vick, rookie Nick Foles will get another start and try to do jack squat with an offensive line that is unable to block anyone. And according to Geoff Mosher, Andy Reid said that Bryce Brown will indeed get the start in place of McCoy.

“Andy Reid: Bryce brown will start, Dion will play,” Mosher tweets.

GREAT news for the Eagles. I just don’t see them winning this game. Too many holes and they are one of the worst teams in all of football.

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