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Bynum won’t play at all this year?

Many in Philadelphia are having a bit of buyer’s remorse when it comes to the Andrew Bynum trade. Personally, I look at it as how they got rid of Andre Iguodala, so I don’t really care. But, there was a lot of anticipation when one of the league’s best big men came to the Sixers.

But, then the knee issues started to get worse. He went to Europe for some blood spinning or whatever. Then he was going to miss the beginning of the season. Then a week or so ago we heard that he wouldn’t be able to resume basketball activities for another five weeks. Then he hurt the other knee bowling.

Photo Caption: Bynum totally gets great Sixers tickets.

Now? The latest from 97.5 The Fanatic’s Facebook page:

The whispers are starting to circulate that Andrew Bynum has a condition called Osteochondritis dissecans that will most likely ensure that he won’t play a minute for the Sixers this season. The Sixers gambled and it may come back to bite them.

While this isn’t an official report, it does dovetail with all the other negative reports about Bynum’s health. Still, the deal helped the Sixers clean up their cap so they should be poised to go buy someone else next year. As for this year, they are pretty tough to watch.

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