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Giroux injured in Germany

Thanks to OTR‘s friend Jason for tipping us off on this one. Let the F-bombs commence in the 215 area code. Philadelphia Flyers superstar Claude Giroux was injured in a game in Germany and will miss the next game.

Giroux left a game after he was checked in the head. This is scary territory for Flyers fans because Giroux missed time last year with a concussion. We don’t need that to become a trend. Ask the Lindros brothers about that.

Giroux left the game under his own power and no penalty was called. The good news is it seems like the injury was to his neck and not concussion-related.

But, the fact remains, the NHL does not want to sit idly by and watch its superstars getting hurt in relatively meaningless games. A major injury to a star while playing in non-NHL games would be a disgrace.

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