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Mets offering Dickey a two-year extension?

The New York Mets were very fortunate to have the 2012 NL Cy Young award winner on their pitching staff. Too bad they still weren’t very good. But, one would think that, despite R.A. Dickey’s age (38), the Mets would want to keep around another couple of years. After all, he’s a knuckleballer, so he can pitch until he’s 70.

We mentioned previously that extension talks were at an impasse and that the Mets were considering trading Dickey. But now, sources tell that the Mets would like to offer Dickey a two-year extension.

Whether or not Dickey would take such a deal is anyone’s guess. The report also points out that Dickey would like to make $20 million over these next two years. Can’t blame him.

“It’s still very early,” GM Sandy Alderson said. “But between Thanksgiving and the winter meetings (Dec. 3-6) — and (during) the winter meetings themselves — we need to have a little more clarity than we have now.”

We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

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