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Bynum has setback, looks like Daryl from “The Office”

Andrew Bynum has been just one great big gift of a talent to the Philadelphia 76ers, who traded for him this past off-season in a deal that sent Andre Iguodala packing. Not only did the Sixers get one of the top three centers in the game, they got rid of one of the most overpaid forwards-who-should-be-guards-but-can’t-shoot-jump-shots-well-enough’s in the NBA in Iguodala.

So, it was a great day for people who thought it was time for Iggie to move on (everyone). However, Bynum, as highly touted as he was coming to Philly, hasn’t played a lick yet due to a knee injury. He’s been in Europe with blood spinning and a bunch of other crap. It came out recently that he wouldn’t be available to start basketball activity for four weeks. Four weeks. Awesome!

The good news for Sixers fans? There isn’t any. It’s gotten worse. Now, Bynum says that he has a bone bruise in his left knee too. Whether it’s for overcompensating for the right knee or whatever, it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that now he has issues in both knees. And he’s a ginormously tall man which wouldn’t indicate that his knees will get any better any time soon. Rock! And! Roll!

Christopher Vito from the Delaware County Daily Times passed it along on Twitter.

“Andrew Bynum said he’s sustained a setback, in his words. Said he’s experiencing swelling in both left an right knees following activity,” tweets Vito.

This couldn’t be better news for the Sixers, who currently have two big men that think it’s their job to shoot 20-footers, and another center who is so awesome that’s he’s playing for this seventh team since 2001, when he was the first-overall draft pick. So yeah, the bigs ain’t looking so hot.

Right now, this Sixers team is playing like a team who has a dominant down-low presence, except they don’t have that. It’s bombs away from three-point land, maybe Jrue Holiday drives and maybe they get it going on the fast break. That’s the offense. Right there. They need Andrew Bynum. They need him soon, even though they beat the Utah Jazz Friday night to go up to 5-4. They still need him and it doesn’t look like they’ll see him until January. Hopefully, they can tread water.

In other news, Andrew Bynum looks like a taller, slimmer version of Daryl from “The Office.” That has nothing to do with this post, it was just an observation based on Bynum’s newer, fuller hair.

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