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Cribbs feels “caged” in Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns are a pretty sorry lot these days. They are 2-7 and have new ownership that isn’t tied to any of the current players or coaches. New CEO Joe Banner said the other day that he would make a decision on the management and coaches immediately after the season ends. Read: They’re gone.

So, you can understand why there is an uneasy feeling to accompany that losing atmosphere around the team. So, it’s not surprising that one of the Browns few good players would be frustrated.

Josh Cribbs tells Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “I feel caged.”

Oh, but he didn’t stop there. Cribbs went on to basically rip the coaching staff for under-utilizing him on offense.

“I’ve talked to the head coach but there’s no point,” Cribbs said. “Obviously they feel like everybody that’s in front of me is a better athlete. I disagree. I feel a different way than the coach feels about me. They must feel I can’t produce. W e have a difference of opinion. . . . There’s something wrong when one of your best athletes doesn’t get the ball. I’m tired of people that don’t know how to use me. Get creative. Find ways.”

If anyone is probably sick of being a Cleveland Brown, it’s Cribbs. He’s one of the most special athletes in the league and he mostly rides the bench while watching the team lose.

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