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St. Pete Party Bus

Who is going out in Tampa? If you’ve never been out partying in Tampa, you’re missing out. I’ve done it a couple times and it’s always a good time. However, while we’re fans of going out on the town and getting hammered, we’re not big fans of driving cars at that point.

No, we’re not here on our moral high ground to lecture about drinking and driving. We just like to go out and not worry about how much we’re drinking, and is a cop going to pull us over and take our license away for six months while we pay $3,000 in legal fees? Because if that’s the case, we can just drink at home where our biggest concern is falling down the stairs.

So, to really have a blowout good time in Tampa or St. Petersburg, you need to have the best chauffeurs. You need the best St. Pete party bus or best Tampa party bus, depending on where you’re going (hell, hit both up, you only live once).

It’s Paradise Worldwide Transportation and these guys are legit. They are truly the best Tampa Bay limo company. If you’re out meeting girls, just tell them it’s your personal limousine and that you’re a test pilot for the government. That should work. And don’t worry, they won’t find out because you probably won’t call them again anyway or they won’t pick up their phone or both.

Yeah, it will be that kind of night. Call Paradise Worldwide Transportation and keep that party going.

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