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Quick Questions with Michael Clayton

It’s time for Quick Questions with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants WR Michael Clayton! We have a more formal interview (formal for OTR anyway) with Michael that you can check out here. But, for right now, here are his Quick Question:

Micah: In history, you can have one car regardless of price or availability, what would it be?

Michael: One car….ummm. My goodness. I would have to say I’m going to go with the brand-new Ferraris. I’ll make my wife look pretty hot in one of those. She’s already hot, so she’d be a little bit hotter. She’d be burning.

Micah: Favorite sport other than football?

Michael: Basketball.

Micah: Who is your team?

Michael: I don’t really have a favorite team. I root for Orlando now because my little bro Big Baby Davis is here in Orlando. I tend to root for guys that came out of LSU; I like to see them do well. Big Baby was one of my younger bro’s and I was kind of his mentor coming up. I like to see him do well and I support him. So Orlando is kind of my team because of that.

Micah: Guilty pleasure, whether it’s a song, TV show or movie?

Michael: Alright, I tell my wife that I don’t like TV, right? I always act like I don’t like the shows that she’s watching. But, she’s got these “Housewives of Atlanta” and “Basketball Wives” and the girl stuff like “The Braxton’s” and I act like I don’t like it. “Aw, you got this on again?” But, man, when she goes to sleep with the kids around 11 o’clock, I pop on the TV in the living room and man I’m looking for it. I’m trying to keep up with the episodes. I would be ashamed to tell her that. I would be ashamed to tell her that I was going behind her back, telling her I was watching her shows after I act like I don’t like it. But, it’s very entertaining and I do find it quite fun.

Micah: Romney or Obama?

Michael: I’m gonna go with Obama because of the simple fact that I just don’t trust Romney. You just don’t know what you’re going to get. With the economy that we have – I guess now that I don’t have a job I’m not in that upper class anymore [laughs]. I guess I want to benefit myself! I guess I’m the middle class right now!

Micah: We need to get you back in that 1%!

Michael: [laughs] I need to get back in there! Somehow, some way. But, until then, I think the president has displayed that he’s the Commander in Chief and he was what it takes to support the majority of our nation. Regardless of how much money you make…I’ve always been a person of charity and giving back to those who need because I’ve been blessed to have. To look out for those who work hard and keep the economy running, I think that is a necessity. And something that will drive the economy. I’ve been a business owner, I’ve hired these people. I know what it means to have the support of the middle class. I think we’d have gone backwards electing Romney. Every business in the world needs four years to make profit. So if you look at it that way, we’re just starting to make profit in these four years. We’re doing better now. If you look at what he inherited, I think we’re doing better and you give him another four years.

Not to take anything away from Romney, because I used to call myself a Republican. I’m not a politician I just vote for the best candidate. In my eyes that’s Obama.

Micah: Who would win in an all-out, no-rules street fight: Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson?

Michael: No way in hell you’re going to beat Bruce Lee! I’ve seen Mike Tyson get his butt knocked out, I’ve never seen Bruce Lee lose a fight. Martial arts is something very, very different. And you’re talking about one of the greatest martial arts legends of all time, not just a great boxer. To me, it’s not even a tough decision. Bruce Lee all day. He’ll chop Mike Tyson’s throat! A two-finger poke in the eye and it’s over. He’d be gone. A kick to the knee…POW!…Down goes Tyson!

Please be sure to check out Michael’s Generation Next foundation and see how you can get involved. It’s a great organization aimed at raising awareness and support for cancer.

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