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Patriots trade for Talib

Tampa Bay Buccaneers trouble CB Aqib Talib is just about finished serving his four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policies. The suspension was the just the latest in a string of problems that Talib has faced during his brief NFL tenure.

But, the New England Patriots apparently think that he can still be a contributor on the field. They sent a 2013 fourth-round pick to the Bucs in exchange for Talib and another seventh-round pick. That’s quite a steal if he can keep his nose clean. Then again, that’s a big “if.”

Talib has played pretty well this season when he’s been on the field, except for the lesson that Hakeem Nicks taught him in Week 2.

But, ability has never been Talib’s problem. He’s shown the ability to be an elite corner at times. If the Patriots’ program of keeping guys on the straight and narrow holds up, they’ve greatly improved their defense.

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