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Report: Vick still the starter “as of now”

We’ve passed along several reports today regarding the state of the Philadelphia Eagles QB situation. WIP’s Howard Eskin tweeted that he was told by sources with knowledge of the situation that the coaches will meet again Monday to discuss, but that it’s likely that they are going to make the move to bench Michael Vick in favor of Nick Foles.

And then came a report from PFT saying that Andy Reid had considered benching his $100 million quarterback as far back as midway through last season.

Now, local Philly scribe Reuben Frank is weighing on the situation. A very reliable and knowledgeable write, Frank says that he’s told that “as of now,” Vick remains the Eagles starter.

“I’m told by somebody who would know that Vick has not been benched for Nick Foles. As of now, he remains Eagles’ starting quarterback,” Frank tweets.

We trust Frank’s information, but Eskin’s original report did say that the coaches would meet again on Monday, but that they would likely move to Foles. These two reports are really not contradictory and could both be true.

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