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Report: Reid has been considering benching Vick since last year

We mentioned previously Howard Eskin’s report that the Philadelphia Eagles are likely going to bench Michael Vick and start rookie Nick Foles against the New Orleans Saints. Vick wasn’t a huge problem in Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons, but he wasn’t part of the solution either. Vick isn’t making progress and that’s what has the Eagles’ coaches concerned.

But, this runs a little deeper. Not only are the Birds probably going to make the switch, but a source tells PFT that Andy Reid has been considering benching Vick since halfway through last season when they got off to a 3-6 start.

When Vick got hurt, the source said that Reid was hoping that backup Vince Young would step in and play well enough that he could make the permanent switch and let Vick take a backseat. Of course, anyone who saw the three games that VY started knows that that did not remotely happen.

Now, there is one person – and one person alone – who can save the Eagles’ season. It’s completely unfair to saddle Foles with such lofty expectations, but it’s the truth. If he can come in and play well, it will lift the entire team and could (could) even energize the entire defense into trying to care.

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