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Eskin: Eagles likely to start Nick Foles

This isn’t terribly shocking, but it kind of is. You don’t see $100 million quarterbacks get benched very often. But, according to WIP‘s Howard Eskin, that is exactly what is going to happen with the Philadelphia Eagles.

While Michael Vick wasn’t horrific in Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons, he wasn’t very good either. And Eskin says that, according to a source, the team is likely to start rookie Nick Foles on Monday night against the New Orleans Saints.

“#eagles Andy Reid met with coaches after game on sunday to discuss QB situation. Meet again Mon Morn. I’m told likely QB change to Foles,” Eskin tweets.

Again, it’s not that Vick was horrible on Sunday (hey, he didn’t turn the ball over!), but it’s that the coaches aren’t seeing him get any better. And Eskin is told that Vick made two bad audible mistakes against the Falcons, and I’m not shocked by that at all. The brains part of the position was never his specialty.

And his legs, which have been legendary throughout his career, have lost about a step and a half. He can’t run away from people like he used to and he’s the last person to be informed of this.

The entire league will have their eyes on Nick Foles if the switch is made. The kid will have an enormous test to pass. The entire hopes of Philadelphia Eagles fans will be pinned on him next Monday night. The team is 3-4 with numerous holes. However, he is the one person that could enact the most change and turnaround for them as the quarterback position has been a ginormous issue.

If Foles can play – and he was extremely sharp and poised in the preseason with a 110.1 passer rating – then he is the future face of the Philadelphia Eagles. So far, so good. As one former Eagle told me yesterday, “I don’t want to see if he can play, I want to see if he can’t play. So far he’s shown that he can handle it. Yes, it was preseason, but he handled it well. I want him to show me that he can’t play.”

Sure, no one has game planned for him yet. No one has tape on him to see his tendencies. No one has seen how he reacts to confusing blitzes. So, no one knows what they have in him. But, they know what they have in Vick and that is apparently enough to make the switch.

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