Off the Record (OTR)

Eager gets more assault charges

The big question facing many players during this NHL lockout is: What do you do with your spare time? Well, you can play hockey overseas. You could ride your bike. Take a vacation. Go sailing. Build model warships.

Or, you can do what Edmonton Oilers forward Ben Eager decided to do, which is get into a bar fight in Toronto and get arrested. He and his brother Michael are on a security camera getting into a fight and when the bouncer stepped in, they whooped on him too.

The bouncer had cuts and gashes on his face, indicating that he lost.

The two brothers were originally charged with threatening bodily harm, assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon. But, it gets worse. Their charges have now been upgraded.

Police say that each have now been charged with an additional count of assault, and the original charge of assault causing bodily harm has been upgraded to aggravated assault.

Well done, Eager brothers.

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