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NHL offers players 50/50 revenue split

The NHL put a new offer on the table on Tuesday morning and it should get some public support. After all, what’s more fair than a direct split? But, that’s what the NHL is offering, a 50/50 split of all hockey-related revenue.

We hope we’ve given our best shot,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters.

This is contingent on still playing an 82-game season that would begin on November 2nd. While we aren’t involved, we say “take it!”

If implemented, there would be one week of training camp and each team would play an extra regular season game every five weeks. That’s good news for the fans, ’cause it would be hockey, hockey, hockey! All the hockey time!

Donald Fehr, the head of the NHLPA, called the offer an “excellent start.”

Good news. C’mon guys, get this done.

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