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NFL Combine Wonderlic scores

OTR was able to get a hold of a few Wonderlic scores for this year’s crop of quarterbacks. And when we say “get a hold of,” we mean they were posted online somewhere and we read them. Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford scored an impressive 36 out of 50 on the intelligence exam, according to an NFL source

Tim Tebow didn’t fare quite so well. Tebow came in with a 22. So that means that he isn’t terribly intelligent and he has a lousy throwing motion. Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen clocked in with a 23 and Texas’ Colt McCoy rang up a 25. None of these are red flags of stupidity.

Photo Caption: “She doesn’t know about the environment or the economy or Watergate or politics either, so this relationship is a win-win for both of us. And she hates sex too so I can respect that.”

The report of Vince Young scoring a 6 back in 2006? That is a bright red flag of stupidity.

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