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Ravens to re-open trade talks for Brandon Marshall?

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports says that the Ravens could re-open talks with the Broncos for obnoxious WR Brandon Marshall if Derrick Mason does indeed stay retired.


The Ravens tried to address the WR issue by signing Drew Bennett, but he decided to retire. So what options do they have? They have a young QB who would be helped greatly by a legitimate outside threat.

“The Ravens need a real receiver; they always have,” one league source said. “They got by last season with Mason and [Mark] Clayton because the running game was good and the defense was awesome. It was the usual formula. But they have to get somebody in there or the window is going to close on the [Ray] Lewis Era.

“Plus, they have to help out [second-year quarterback Joe] Flacco.”

We don’t think the source or any source or anyone with even marginal vision considers bringing TE L.J. Smith onto the team qualifies as “help” for Joe Flacco.

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  1. petev

    July 29, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    How bad will the Broncos season be this year?

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