Off the Record (OTR)

Tim Tebow is a virgin, he said so

During the SEC media news day conference, a reporter popped a perfectly fine question to Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.  He asked him, “Are you a virgin?”

Tim Tebow lives his faith and being the proud Christian he is, answered “Yes, I am.”  The Gator is saving himself for marriage.

Clay Travis is the reporter that asked him the question and he writes about it at  And yes, he believes him.

But, c’mon!  For real?  Let’s review this debatable topic and come up with a logical perception of our own.  Here we go…

Florida Gators fans 1

PHOTO CAPTION“No, I’m a virgin.  The answer is no.  Get away from me.”

Florida Gators fans 2

PHOTO CAPTION“That’s pretty hot girls…but no, get away from me.  I’m saving myself.”

Florida Gators fans 3

PHOTO CAPTION: “F it, let’s go.  But don’t tell anyone my first girl was a Seminole.”

Case closed.  He’s not a virgin.

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