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Fitzgerald goes down, but is ok

A source tells that Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald went down in a heap with CB Bryant McFadden, giving everyone quite a scare.

“There was a lot of media there, and everybody got deafly quiet,” the source told PFW. “When Fitzgerald finally got up after a couple of minutes, there was no denying the sighs of relief.”


He’s also receiving praise for his professionalism.

“You really gotta give the guy credit,” the source said. “After observers were saying stuff like, ‘Just please shut this guy down until the end of July!’ there he was, coming back into the practice for the 11-on-11 stuff. When you have players like (Anquan) Boldin and (Darnell) Dockett faking hamstring injuries to avoid these practices, Fitzgerald looks awful good in comparison.”

But it’s all good. Fitzgerald is fine and has been cleared to pursue a life of religious fulfillment.

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