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Ortiz has eye problems?

David Ortiz underwent an eye test today, which was inevitable because it looks like all season he has been swinging at pitches with his eyes closed. I’m sure the Sox were thinking the same thing and called him into Terry Francona’s office to send him to the Minors but when Francona pointed to a picture on the wall Big Papi strained his eyes to see it Francona noticed that he was having trouble seeing and held up a pad with some letters on it to see if Ortiz could read it and then said, “you can’t read them, can you?” And then Ortiz would get some funky glasses and the Red Sox would beat the Yankees to win the pennant and then two crappy movies would follow.


Ok, so that didn’t really happen. But he did get his eyes checked out today and there is bad news: there is nothing wrong with his eyes. He’s stinking up the joint for different reasons.

Photo Caption:
“I see yoooooouuuu.”

But, they did give him eye drops. He said that his eyes have been drying out on him at the plate and he can’t stop blinking. Well…whatever. We’ll see if this works.

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