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No Vick for the 49ers

San Francisco 49ers GM Scot McCloughan said that the team has no interest in acquiring Michael Vick. This makes perfect sense because it has seemed to us that the 49ers were trying to build a franchise not ruin one.

He spoke to Adam Schein and Jim Miller on Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Sirius Blitz” show.

“Well, I think what happens there, and I totally respect it, is people understand who Mike Singletary is and understand that he has no problem giving guys second chances,” said McCloughan in response to Schein’s question, which was probably asked in an obnoxious, high-pitched wailing whine. “Coach and I have sat down. We sat down and talked last week. We had an off-week of OTAs and we discussed about Michael Vick and we’re not going to go that route. We will not do it.”


The Niners name did pop up a few months ago as a possible destination for Vick, but now they are just one more city whose dogs will be safe for the forseeable future.

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