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John Daly misses cut in US Open qualifier

JohnDalyDespite wearing a splendid pair of golf shorts today, John Daly was not able to qualify for the 2009 US Open (AP Photo/Lance Murphey).

Daly shot a 70 at Ridgewood and a 73 at Germantown to finish 1-over par and out of the running for one of the 13 spots that were available.

PHOTO CAPTION: Pawn to Queen’s Knight 4.

If you haven’t heard about Daly in the last six months, it’s because he’s been playing in Europe;  hopefully, nowhere near Amsterdam or a city with a Hooters.  A little less than six months ago, the PGA Tour suspended John for excessive off-the-course incidents.  His suspension ends this weekend and he’ll be suiting up for the St. Jude’ Championship, but with pants.

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