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Some NFL names try out for the UFL

DavidBostonUFL spokeswoman Rachel Gary told PFT that Dennis Green oversaw a workout recently that hosted several former NFL players.

The players included former first-round WR’s Travis Taylor and David Boston, tight end Jermaine Wiggins, quarterback Quinn Gray, wide receiver Reche Caldwell and running back LaBrandon Toefield and wide receiver/defensive back Bobby Sippio. You’ll remember Sippio as a bubble guy in the 2007 season of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” which featured the Kansas City Chiefs.

Photo Caption: David Boston when people still thought he was worth a damn.

The careful approach of the UFL (only starting with four teams) combined with the acquisition of name players and coaches, multiplied by the fact that they aren’t attempting to compete with the NFL but rather work with it, make us think that this fledgling league could be something. We think we’ll watch for sure.

Then again, we watched the first game of the XFL and that entire league just fell off the rails by about halftime of the second game.

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