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Phils get Romero back

The Philadelphia Phillies have a 30-20 record, which is the second best mark in the majors. We have no idea how they’ve been able to achieve this (road record, insane lineup, bullpen…we actually do know, but for effect we’ll pretend we don’t) considering their starting pitching has been so horrific.


But the 30-20 record means more than just a division lead. 30 + 20 = 50. And 50 games is the amount that lefty setup man JC Romero had to sit out due to a positive test of a banned substance. So the Phils, who already have an elite bullpen (depending on which Lidge shows up), get back a player who was a nice piece to last year’s World Series run.

Romero had a 2.75 ERA last season.


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