Off the Record (OTR)

Oliver Perez gets worse

No, really. It’s true. And you thought it wasn’t possible? An MRI revealed a flareup in his patellar tendinitis that has been giving him so much trouble and they are shipping him back to Port St. Lucie for a rehab assignment.


“The knee has not fully recovered,” GM Omar Minaya said.”So we’re going to pull him back from his minor-league rehab, back to Florida, and let the knee recuperate more before we get him out there and pitch again.”

This is great news for Mets fans who were eager to bludgeon him with a rusty screwdriver every time he took the mound for the Mets this season. His awful pitching, high salary and lazy attitude haven’t endeared him to the denizens of Queens.

Perez has been on the DL since May 3.

“When we told you guys he had a bad knee, he had a bad knee,” Minaya said.

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