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Myers out, Phils screwed

Phillies starter Brett Myers is going to be out for at least three months after finding out that he needs surgery on his hip. He has a torn labrum and bone spurs in the hip and he would risk further injury by trying to pitch through it.

The problem is that the Phillies only have about 1 1/2 pitchers on the staff now. Cole Hamels is a stud, we know that. But Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton have been one step away from total garbage this year. If it wasn’t for JA Happ, who got the win tonight against the World Series-ready Washington Nationals, the rotation would be a complete waste.

Myers isn’t an unmitigated stud, but he was pitching pretty damn well. This is a big blow to a Phillies team that is looking to repeat (we never thought it would happen anyway). This team needs to make a move for a starting pitcher. Roy Oswalt would be nice.


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